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How College Board And Roadtrip Nation Created Awareness Of Their New Tool For Gen Z

Goal: Generate product awareness

The Challenge

The College Board and Roadtrip Nation teamed up with Playbuzz to generate awareness of their new “Roadmap to Careers” tool, targeting high school students age 15-18. Playbuzz was challenged to create an interactive, branded content story that appealed to the Gen Z target and simultaneously raise awareness of the careers tool.

The Solution

Playbuzz produced a custom piece of engaging sponsored content that featured interactive elements including a poll and personality quiz, titled: “Text With Your Future Self And Find Out What Your Life Will Be Like After College”.

The results of the personality quiz recommended a potential career that was personalized based on their passions and interests, allowing Gen Z to imagine what their life could be like in 2021.

Finally, a clear call-to-action button directed engaged readers to the “Roadmap To Careers” tool where they could explore ways to achieve the potential career that matched their personal interests.

The Results

The sponsored content campaign achieved above industry-average consumption results including:


Conversion Rate

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Dwell Time



The brand was able to gather key behavioral insights based on readers’ responses, such as 90% of Gen Z have a clear or rough plan for after high school. 

Key Takeaways

  1. Interactive content can – and should – be tailored to fit specific target audiences, in order to drive more precise results.
  2. Interactive content enables brands to learn more about their target audience and receive insights such as who’s engaging with the content and how, versus a standard media campaign of impressions and clicks.