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Real Engagement? Priceless! How Mastercard Utilized Interactive Content to Ease Clients’ Minds on Global Travel Fees

Goal: Increase product usage

The Challenge

Mastercard, a leading global payments & technology company, reached out to Playbuzz looking for innovative ways to increase existing customers’ usage of credit cards while traveling abroad, upon learning that low usage often stems from concerns around unknown exchange rates. Mastercard wanted to educate readers regarding the advantages of using its cards across the globe, as well as promote a unique campaign that offered customers a surprise refund on all travel expenses.

The Solution

In collaboration with media agency CARAT, Playbuzz created an interactive item, tailored around Mastercard’s campaign messaging, that challenged readers to test their travel expertise level. Within, readers were asked a series of questions in order to learn valuable insights about their travel habits, such as: “Where do you keep your money while traveling?” The item also encouraged them to enter the contest.

The content piece was then distributed to premium publishers within the Playbuzz network, carefully selected to reach the campaign’s target audience.

The Results


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    Active Dwell Time
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  • 27%
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