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Opus Energy Connects with SMEs Through Energizing, Interactive Campaign

Goal: Increase brand awareness

The Challenge

Opus Energy is one of the UK’s biggest independent suppliers of electricity and gas to businesses, providing these essential services to over 275,000 locations in the region.

Bottle, the brand communication agency representing the company, was looking to position the brand as a leading supporter for SMEs (small and medium sized enterprises), and increase brand awareness by engaging decision-makers in said businesses through a sponsored content campaign.

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The Solution

Playbuzz teamed up with Bottle to create an interactive campaign via an interactive Personality Quiz that spoke directly to owners of SMEs by focusing on their management style. The campaign was timed to launch during the 2016 Rio Olympic Games to capitalize on a popular, global event in order to draw in readers’ attention.

The questions asked within the Playbuzz-powered item were crafted based on thorough research conducted by the agency, which examined the attitudes of 250 SME owners towards their own performance at work.

The personality quiz paired SME executives’ work style with an Olympic sport, creating an entertaining, personalized experience. Content distribution was executed by Playbuzz, which placed the item on multiple UK publications relevant to the brand’s target audience.

The Results

The content creation and distribution strategy produced impressive results:

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    Over 47K engagements
  • completion-rate-icon
    An average start rate of over 89%
  • dwell time icon
    An average dwell-time of 2.5 minutes
  • An average share rate of over 6%

By targeting this specific audience of UK SME owners, the campaign managed to remain focused on the predetermined business goals presented by Opus Energy and its representatives, contributing significantly to brand awareness and generating new leads.

Key Takeaways

Brands looking to advance their business goals through sponsored content can learn the following lessons from Opus Energy’s experience:

  1. Creating a B2B campaign calls for detailed planning, including industry research, as well as mapping out publications that support the chosen target audience.
  2. Birds of a feather flock together, making it especially important to develop interactive content that encourages social media shares to increase exposure within a relevant industry.
  3. Timing a sponsored content campaign to align with important, global events can enhance views and peak readers’ interest more efficiently.