Playbuzz affirms 99% human traffic through partnership with White Ops

In striving to meet the highest fraud detection industry standards, Playbuzz partnered with White Ops to verify all traffic to its assets is human and safe for advertisers.

The Challenge

Ever since we launched our monetization offering, we’ve aimed to uphold the highest standards of fraud protection, realizing that fraudulent traffic was, and still is, a problem plaguing the online advertising industry. Our top priority was to build trust amongst our clients and partners by letting them know they can rely on Playbuzz’s inventory.

The Solution

Playbuzz partnered with White Ops to implement a combination of smart technologies in order to deliver safe ad solutions. This included utilizing their FraudSensor and MediaGuard products in order to add an extra layer of security. The use of both products enabled us to scan and protect 100% of our inventory.

“We’ve been impressed with how seriously Playbuzz has taken on the fight against fraud. It is clear the company is dedicated to providing a great experience for its clients. This is an important step from a publishing platform and we are excited to partner with Playbuzz.”
Caitlin Borgman, EVP of Sales & Customer Success

The Results

Through the White Ops partnership, Playbuzz has been able to consistently maintain the percentage of bot traffic on its platform below 1%. This strategy has helped Playbuzz become a leading platform in the ecosystem, especially considering the industry’s average fraud rates of 10% for desktop display and 22% for desktop video*. White Ops’ affirmation helped open the doors to many more demand partners conversations and additional revenue sources.

“Playbuzz found a creative way to deploy both of White Ops products to effectively fight fraud. Based on the numbers we’ve seen, Playbuzz clients should feel confident that they are getting real, human-verified impressions.”
Michael Tiffany, President and Co-founder of White Ops

Who is White Ops?

White Ops is a cybersecurity company that protects businesses from automated threats: actions like ad fraud, account takeovers and fake engagement conducted by malicious bots. Even if a bot perfectly impersonates human behaviors, White Ops’ Human Verification technology is able to detect it with precision and confidence. This ability, combined with a unique “white hat” perspective on the cybercriminal mindset, has led White Ops to become a trusted partner to some of the most iconic companies on the web.

* According to a study published by White Ops and the ANA.