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How Publishers Across the Globe Engaged Fans for World Cup 2018

Goal: Inspire dialogue

The Challenge

The World Cup unites and divides nations, with passionate fans exhibiting excitement both at games and online. With so many publishers writing about the same topic, how can one stand out and truly engage viewers in a unique manner that captures the spirit of competitiveness?

The Solution

Publishers across the globe relied on Playbuzz’s suite of storytelling tools to craft interactive articles in order to drive audience engagement.
  1. Argentinian publisher Olé created a one question poll after the country’s team was knocked out of the event, asking, Which team do you want to win the World Cup? At first, Uruguay was in the lead, but when Brazilian fans got ahold of the item on Twitter, their country raced to first place, creating cheeky buzz around the item across social media and the news.



    The energy of Brazil’s fans was evident, with this poll garnering over 2.3M engagements, discussions on various news channels and 900,000 votes – 80% of which were votes for Brazil. Plus the story was covered on

  1. Brazilian publisher Globo produced multi-question, interactive polls during the first round of the World Cup and after the finals. Each poll amassed extremely close results, proving that interactive stories can host a live debate on publishers’ sites, thereby creating more hype around the event itself.



    The pre-game poll accumulated between 45-49k votes for each question, an 84% engagement rate and a 2.21 min dwell time – 17X higher than the average dwell time on a piece of content. The multi-question poll after the finals garnered between 58-63K votes for each question, an 86% engagement rate and a 02.43 minute dwell time.

  1. Other publishers – MarcaGlobo and Sky Sports – created interactive lists that gave readers the opportunity to upvote their favorite moment from the World Cup, or for their favorite player. This cheerful content encapsulated fans’ adoration of an event that occurs every 4 years.



    The interactive list from Marca saw a 77% engagement rate with an average dwell time of 1.49min. The interactive list from Globo saw an 84% engagement rate whilst the Sky Sports interactive list garnered 43.5K votes for the highest vote, and a 76% engagement rate!

Key Takeaways

  1. Fans want to feel like they’re a part of the game from home – even asking simple poll questions can result in high trafficked editorial.
  2. Interactive content can inspire dialogue between fans outside of the site it was originally published on – adding even more excitement to the games themselves.