1 On the left sidebar of your WordPress dashboard, place your cursor over “Settings” and select “Playbuzz.”

plugin settings


2 The plugin command center, with four tabs at the top, will appear. Click on the tab labeled “Site Settings.”

site settings tab


3 Add your Playbuzz username so that you can easily find your own #PlayfulContent creations when searching from the visual editor.



4 Here you can also determine the default settings for embed displays.

The default site settings panel will allow you to control whether or not your embeds will display item information, share buttons, and Facebook comments for all of your embeds. These settings can be overridden by manually set item-specific settings. You can always return to this panel by clicking “Settings” > “Playbuzz” > “Customization”

default site settings


5 If your site’s header doesn’t scroll along with the content on your pages, you can ensure that it looks good with your embeds by entering your header height in this field.

sticky header


6 Choose where you want the embedded items to be available in the visual editor.

appearance preferences


7 Here you can choose the tags that will determine recommendations for related #PlayfulContent, keeping your audience on your site for longer.

item recommendations