Academy How To's

Flip Card

The flip cards format presents audience members with series of cards that they can flip over, by simply clicking or tapping, to reveal the content on the other side of the card. Flip cards take the experience of anticipation, curiosity and discovery, unlocked via interaction, and distills it down to its essence. One side of the card prompts us to wonder what’s on the other side, compelling us to tap and find out.

What really makes flip cards so much fun, though, is the format’s versatility. There are seemingly endless ways that you can approach the conceptual relationship between the two sides of the cards. Examples include pros and cons, before and after, riddles and solutions, trivia without any performance pressure, and even personality quizzes with all possible outcomes available for everyone to enjoy.

Even simple article pages can benefit from single-card embeds to punctuate reading blocks with small tastes of interactive fun.

To get started with flip cards, feel free to explore the step-by-step instructions in the links below.