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How Do I Add Pictures?

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How Do I Add Visuals?

1 In order to add a main image to your ranked list, or to add images to your listed items, click on the boxes marked “Click to add Photo” and “Click to add Photo/Video.”  

add pic 1-3


2 A new dialogue box will open. To add a picture from your computer, select “From File.”

A window will appear on your screen showing all of the files stored on your computer. Find the specific photo you wish to enter, and then double click.

add pic 2


3 Make sure that the file is larger than 392 X 294. If the image is smaller, the system will notify you.

pic dimention


4 If the image you’ve uploaded is the correct pixel dimensions or larger, you will be able to choose the image orientation and crop it.

cropped pic arrow


5 At this time you can also give credit for the photo. If it has no credentials, simply select that checkbox.



6 If you prefer to add an image that you have the rights to use and is already hosted by a different website, simply copy the image URL and paste it in the dialogue box that opens when you click “From URL.”

plain URL

enter url

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