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Video Snaps

With the Video Snaps format you can highlight the most interesting parts of video content and transform your video in to an interactive experience!

The Video Snaps format offers a fast-paced viewing process, solving the biggest complaint of online video viewing: it’s too long! With Video Snaps you can take a video or multiple videos and divide them into sections or what we at Playbuzz call “snaps.” Present your audience with a series of snaps that highlight the most enticing parts of existing videos. You also have have the option to create snaps from multiple live YouTube channels, creating your very own live TV!

Selecting specific video highlights or moments creates a more engaging user experience and is a great way to customize short- and long-form video content. Your audience can watch all of the snaps in a row or freely jump around from snap to snap. 

Get started with the Video Snaps format or feel free to explore the step-by-step instructions in the links below.