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Enhance User Engagement with VIP and the Playbuzz Plugin

In this webinar, Playbuzz joined forces with VIP and shared tips on how to overcome editorial challenges in 2016 with the Playbuzz WordPress Plugin.

Shachar Orren, VP Content, Playbuzz and Chris Scott, VIP Business Engineer, VIP  shared insights on:

  • Create engaging quality content at scale;
  • Overcoming the constraints of time with the VIP plugin and embeddables;
  • Integrating content that is optimized and backed by data in your WordPress site within minutes; and
  • Achieving meaningful audience engagement, expanded reach and increased brand equity.

Shachar also took us through a live demo of the plugin, covering valuable tips for users. She also demonstrated how incorporating Playbuzz formats in to your site can save time, while making great content more engaging.

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Here is a link to Shachar’s most recent post on our blog which drills down further into the topics discussed in the webinar:

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