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Use Playbuzz to tell engaging and interactive stories
that captivate your consumers.

Positive User Experience

Create campaigns, clearly labeled as sponsored, that users are compelled to engage with. Users interact with branded content items just as they do with all Playbuzz-powered items – like, click and share!

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Playbuzz works closely with brands and agencies to tailor powerful branded content campaigns for advertisers. If you would like to utilize the Playbuzz platform for commercial purposes, please contact us.

Usage of Playbuzz formats for branded content campaigns is not permitted without a commercial relationship with Playbuzz.

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We A/B test each content item prior to campaign launch – and throughout the campaign – to ensure the highest levels of user engagement. Receive weekly campaign reports with data and actionable insights.

Behavioral Insights

Uncover behavioral insights and create segmented user profiles based on their preferences.

Additional Advertising Offerings

Supplement your branded campaigns with in-item video and display ads, as well as content recommendations, to reinforce brand awareness. In-item advertising with Playbuzz is available on mobile and desktop for personality quizzes, trivia quizzes, lists and polls.

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