Software Architect

About the position

Playbuzz is changing the way content is created and consumed, globally. In the past 6 years, we have been making magic with the world’s biggest publishers and brands (Huffpost, ESPN, Unilever, Major League Baseball, Netflix, and many more), who tell their most important stories with our platform’s interactive storytelling tools.

Data is one of the greatest strengths of Playbuzz. With 16K publishers delivering content to 242M+ active users every month, we do great things: Big Data Analysis, Insights for our Publishers and Brands, Challenging data modeling and more.

Playbuzz is looking for a Software Architect to take the leading role in shaping the future of our solutions and products.

The Architects responsibilities include designing and delivering high quality products across the R&D, mentoring and being a knowledge base for the development teams. More over, tackling our current biggest challenge: Leading the R&D in mining our valuable data, developing over it and shipping deliveries that makes our products amazing.


  • Lead Software Architecture in an environment that includes complex frontend applications, dozens of backend microservices, big-data pipeline and more.
  • Lead Data products to provide analytical insights and ML based product optimizations with immediate impact on the company revenues.
  • Mentor our engineers to deliver well-architected, high-quality products in a rapidly-changing environment.


  • Solid understanding of software principles and architecture in cloud based large-scale environments.
  • 6+ years in software engineering, developing across various languages and frameworks.
  • A hands-on approach to lead the achievements of complex challenges.


  • Leading Data products with ML insights and optimizations, based on a big-data solutions.

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