Pre-engineered Formats Designed for Maximum User Engagement

Create an account on and populate any pre-engineered Playbuzz
format with your own content. Choose from polls, slideshows, video snaps, quizzes,
lists, flip cards, countdowns and more.

pre engineered formats

Formats for Every Vertical & Device

Our suite of formats is content-agnostic, desktop- and mobile-friendly. All formats can
be embedded on-site, such as in-article, in-app, or shared via your social channels.

Introducing Story new!

Craft your articles with Story to create a visually-stunning reading experience – no design skills required.

Story seamlessly connects to your CMS making content creation fast and easy. Add videos, polls, quotes, social embeds, flip cards, text and more.

Suitable for All Editorial
Teams & Regions

Playbuzz formats support rich media content
including video, images, GIFs and text in 40+ languages.
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formats that surprise gif

Formats that Surprise, Delight
& Spark a Conversation

Playbuzz formats build audience anticipation by creating a
dramatic effect out of displaying content, compelling users to
interact – hover, scroll, or click – thus increasing user

Helpful Resources to Foster Creation

Want some tips? Visit the Playbuzz Academy for expert advice,
helpful how-tos, insights and video tutorials.


Library of Pre-Existing Content to
Save You Time

Don’t have the time or resources to create content from scratch? We’ve got you covered.

The content library enables you to simply select and embed from millions of
pre-existing content items created and published on by leading publishers,
brands and creators worldwide.

library pre existing content save time

Choose from public content items covering a wide array of topics, tags, categories
and languages depending on what’s relevant to your audience. Then embed them
on-site or in-app, and share them on your social channels. screenshot