Data & Analytics Tools that Guide Your Content Goals

Playbuzz provides partners with a robust analytics platform, Impact, to measure content performance in real-time.

Set goals for the Playbuzz-powered content you create and distribute based on readers’ average time spent on your site, traffic, and Impact’s metrics. Focus on engagement KPIs, such as average share rates, dwell time and completion rates.

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Performance Metrics That Guide Your Content Decisions

Impact enables you to view actionable insights on Playbuzz items embedded on your site and others to understand your users’ behavior and content preferences.

Study how well your users respond to a particular content type and topic, or whether or not they get turned off by a difficult quiz question which can result in a large drop-off rate. Analyze your findings and update your content to align accordingly.

Shareability That Results in Audience Growth

Giving your readers the content they crave will result in increased share rates and further social interactions via comments, likes and more shares, enabling you to reach additional users at no extra cost and compelling readers to come back for more.

With engaging content powered by Playbuzz, you can increase your audience, average time spent on-site and brand awareness.

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