Our Offerings

Our supply and demand advertising capabilities are mobile- and desktop-friendly, enabling you to monetize the items you created on Playbuzz.com by inserting ads within and around our storytelling tools.

monetize offering


The Playbuzz monetization platform enables you to create a revenue stream without harming your user engagement KPIs. Our ad offerings enable you to clearly label content as sponsored and include call-to-action buttons.

Our offering also gives you the ability to choose whether users can skip ads.

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Proven Performance

Our revenue share options pair publishers with advertisers and brands without harming your performance, and our A/B testing ensures completion and engagement rates remain unchanged.
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Types of Ads


In-Item Video Ads

comment Customizable video ads that can load between numbers in a list or before a user receives a quiz result.


In-Item Content Recommendations

Programmatic content suggestions based on your readers’ interests.


In-Item Display Banners

Programmatic banner ads that load in-item and in real-time.