Succeed as a Woman in Technology? This Girl Can.

For International Women’s Day, Playbuzz’s VP of European Partnerships, Jane Loring, comments on the importance of promoting talent and mentoring individuals to help them find their way to the top.


The NYT admits print is dead, but we can still make people read again

Playbuzz’s Co-founder & CEO, Shaul Olmert, comments on The New York Time’s 2020 Report, pointing out the key takeaways for publishers and brands, including less reliance on text-heavy content, a focus on engagement and redefining KPIs for success.

Right on the Money: Branded Content for Financial Services

Playbuzz’s Managing Director of Europe, Daniel Fisher, discusses the the unique nature of branded content campaigns created for the financial services vertical.

Playbuzz is a finalist in Digiday’s Publishing Awards

Playbuzz is a Digiday Publishing Awards finalist in the category of Best Mobile Innovation for the launch of the Convo format, and The Huffington Post UK’s use of it to report on politics.


Chatbots in Asia: these days, everyone’s getting chatty

Playbuzz’s Co-founder & CEO, Shaul Olmert, predicts what’s to come with chatbots, specifically as it relates to the publishing and advertising industry.


Is Facebook Really ‘Connecting the World’?

Playbuzz’s Managing Director of Europe, Daniel Fisher, comments on Facebook’s earnings announcement and the social platform’s focus on video. 

Super Bowl 51: The Mobile Advertising Opportunity

Playbuzz’s Vice President of Content, Shachar Orren, discusses how off-screen, interactive content can keep Game Day viewers engaged without breaking the bank.  


How creative is putting the passion back into brand content

Playbuzz’s Vice President of Content, Shachar Orren, comments on how to achieve branded content at scale through the use of simple tools that do not require excessive resources. 

The Super Bowl is Boring

Playbuzz’s VP of Content, Shachar Orren, notes why the short attention span of Game Day viewers can in fact benefit publishers and advertisers with smaller budgets.

Reuters Journalism, Media & Technology Trends & Predictions Report 2017

Playbuzz’s VP of European Brand Partnerships, Jane Loring, comments on the importance of native advertising for both brands and publishers coming off of Reuters’ 2017 Media & Technology Trends & Predictions report.

Playbuzz on Putting Power Back Into the Hands of Publishers

Playbuzz’s Head of US Strategic & Brand Partnerships, Maria Casey, shares the company’s vision for the publishing industry.


Why Publishers Should be Making the Move to Native Advertising

Playbuzz’s UK Managing Director, Daniel Fisher, discusses branded content, native advertising and engaging audiences in 2017. 


Why Virtual Reality Is Not the Answer

Playbuzz’s Co-founder & CEO, Shaul Olmert, explains why the next technology that will revolutionize media consumption is not virtual reality. 


Ad Blocking Is Not the Problem, It’s the Symptom

Playbuzz’s Managing Director of Europe, Daniel Fisher, offers a different perspective to the burning topic of ad blocking.


Make Them Feel Special: Why Interactive Content is the Future of Personalization

Playbuzz’s VP of Brand Partnerships, Noam Korin, discusses the advantages of interactive content formats in creating a personalized experience for consumers.


How to Create Branded Content That Converts

Playbuzz’s VP of Brand Partnerships, Noam Korin, discusses the challenge of creating native content that feels editorial and generates business.


How Your Content Strategy Can Increase Your Social Footprint

Playbuzz’s VP of Brand Partnerships, Noam Korin, details why brands should be investing in their sponsored content strategy.

business insider

100 Of The Most Exciting Startups in New York City

Playbuzz is voted one of the most exciting startups in NYC for its efforts to Reinvent Storytelling worldwide.


Traditional Journalism is Dying: Why the Publishing Industry Must Adapt to Survive

Playbuzz Co-founder & CEO, Shaul Olmert, discusses the need for publishers to adopt interactive content methods as a means to survive in an era of content fatigue.


Playbuzz Wins Best Brand Platform & Best Publishing Platform at Digiday’s Europe Awards

Playbuzz takes home two huge Digiday award wins for global adoption of the Playbuzz platform by publishers for editorial use, and for a sponsored content campaign with Knorr.

Pepper Is Teaming Up With Playbuzz To Make Mobile Banking Fun

New mobile bank Pepper launches a collaboration on millennial banking with Playbuzz.


Playbuzz Appoints New European Head of Brand Partnerships

Jane Loring joins the Playbuzz UK team with plans to deliver premium, scalable content solutions to brands and agencies in the region. 


Let These Publishers Help Determine How You Vote Today (and No … This Isn’t [All] About Polls)

Playbuzz’s Vice President of Global Markets provides standout Election 2016 content examples to help voters determine who they are putting on the ticket.


Latin America and Asia are the international markets poised to move programmatic forward

Playbuzz’s General Manager of North American operations discusses the ad opportunities abroad at The Drum’s Ad:Tech New York event.

Playbuzz is a finalist in Digiday’s Video Awards

Playbuzz is a finalist for Best Video Distribution Platform which honors the best existing, new, or improved video syndication platform to deliver branded video across the web and other platforms.


Are Google and Facebook over-policing the Internet?

Playbuzz co-founder and CEO, Shaul Olmert, notes the importance of going beyond impressions and views when creating both editorial and native ad content.

How Disney Aims To Expand Its (Gargantuan) Reach With Its Accelerator Program

Fast Company Disney highlights how Disney is investing in companies, such as Playbuzz, that have a hand in contributing to the entertainment giant’s future.

Watch the Disney Accelerator Demo Day here

TechCrunch covers Disney’s Accelerator Demo Day 2016 which showcases how companies that are part of the program, like Playbuzz, are working with business units of the Walt Disney Co. to pilot projects together.

Playbuzz is a Finalist in Two Digiday Awards Europe Categories

Playbuzz is a finalist in the Best Publishing Platform and Best Brand Platform categories, both of which honor platforms that help deliver brand communications, content, or advertising through online, social, mobile, video, or digital publishing technology.

Yossi Vardi: ‘These are very exciting times’

Playbuzz co-founder and CEO, Shaul Olmert, and Israeli tech veteran Yossi Vardi talk to Charlie Crowe at Dmexco2016 about how Playbuzz works and about the future of tech.


Dmexco 2016: Revenge, Rivalry and Virtual Reality

Campaign UK speaks with Playbuzz co-founder and CEO, Shaul Olmert, on the chatbot trend and users’ desire to type less, not more.


Unilever Brand Knorr Adds A Dash Of Native To Its Media Mix

AdExchanger highlights Playbuzz’s interactive, sponsored content campaign for Knorr and how it resulted in “a positive uptick in brand awareness and likelihood to recommend Knorr products.”

Dmexco 2016 – Noam Korin, Playbuzz

Playbuzz Vice President, Global Brand Partnerships & Advertising Sales, Noam Korin, talks to M&M Global about Israel’s startup scene, Disney’s investment and working with top brands on sponsored content campaigns.

These Publishers Took Home Gold at Rio 2016

Playbuzz’s VP of Content, Shachar Orren, highlights the most unique, and interactive, editorial and branded content from the The Games.


6 Companies That Are Setting the Bar in Native Advertising

The Playbuzz “sponsored content at scale”approach, which takes advertising campaigns and pairs them with interactive content formats, was included in this native ad roundup.

Publishers: It’s Time to Make the Internet Great Again

Playbuzz co-founder & CEO, Shaul Olmert, on how crucial it is for publishers to learn the new art of contemporary storytelling.

3 Traffic-Driving Content Hacks for Publishers and Brands

Playbuzz Head of Content, UK, Jo Barrow, provides suggestions on how to build out your content channel in order to achieve more traffic.

Ad Age

Facebook Stands Up To Clickbait, Day 2: The Media Responds

AdAge spoke to media company founders and CEOs, including Playbuzz’s Shaul Olmert, on Facebook’s clickbait announcement and what it means for publishers.

Playbuzz Launches an Analytics Product to Help Publishers Create Viral Content

TechCrunch covers the launch of Impact, Playbuzz’s data and analytics platform that enables publishers to optimize their content in order to increase engagement.


Why CNBC and Food Network UK are Using Playbuzz’s New ‘Video Snaps’ Embeds

How TV networks are taking their programming online with Video Snaps by Playbuzz.

How the Presidential Race is Embracing Interactive Content

Playbuzz’s VP of Content discusses the role that interactive content is playing in #Election2016.

3 Crucial Tips for Running a Startup

Playbuzz co-founder and Chief Product Officer, Tom Pachys, shares advice on what it takes to manage a startup.

Here are the 9 New Startups in the 2016 Disney Accelerator

The startups focus on everything from cinematic virtual reality and robots with human-like facial expressions, to artificial intelligence and content.

Walt Disney Co. Reveals 9 new startups in the Disney Accelerator Spanning Robotics, Cinematic VR and AI

The company revealed 9 new companies it admitted to the corporate accelerator program, including Playbuzz.

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Playbuzz Co-Founder On How To Make Viral Content Educational

Playbuzz co-founder & CEO, Shaul Olmert, along with Playbuzz’s VP of Content, Shachar Orren, talked interactive content formats, consumption habits, funding and bots.

How Publishers Created Interactive Content Around Brexit

Playbuzz Head of Content (UK) showcases how global publishers turned to content formats to cover the EU referendum.

What’s The Content Of The Selfie Generation

Playbuzz co-founder and CEO, Shaul Olmert, on how interactive digital content functions as a selfie in a sense, as it engages and surprises users.

Playbuzz Named one of Marketing Week’s Top 100 Disruptive Brands of 2016

Playbuzz was joined by other inspiring, stimulating and intuitive companies “winning” in the new digital economy.

Why The Debate Over Short-form vs. Long-form Content Is Irrelevant

Playbuzz co-founder and Chief Product Officer, Tom Pachys, discusses the importance of focusing on “smart form” content.

Playbuzz: The Way We Consume Information Has Changed

Playbuzz co-founder and CEO, Shaul Olmert, discusses how content consumption habits have changed, and how publishers must keep up by appealing to their audience in a more interactive manner.


Playbuzz Aims To Help Publishers Get Chatty With Their Content

AdExchanger covers the launch of the latest Playbuzz format, Convo, and how it helps publishers and brands spice up editorial content, improve engagement and generate more time spent on page.

Guest Post: The Red Dot That Broke The Internet

Playbuzz VP of Content, Shachar Orren, on why hugely popular items like the Red Dot spur such widespread adoration from both individuals and publishers.

2 Key Traits of Content That ‘Breaks the Internet’

Playbuzz VP of Content, Shachar Orren, identifies and explains the two factors that make content addictive: an element of challenge and the promise of personal insight.

Red Dot ‘Eye Test’ Prompts an Internet Uproar

Playbuzz Vice President of Content, Shachar Orren, speaks with ABC News about the #PoweredByPlaybuzz item being shared by media outlets worldwide..


Disney, Saban Invest in Content-Platform Maker Playbuzz

The Wall Street Journal covers the $15M strategic investment in Playbuzz, led by Disney and Saban Ventures.


Saban, Disney invest in digital content firm Playbuzz

Reuters covers the $15M strategic investment in Playbuzz, led by Disney and Saban Ventures.

Ad Age

Playbuzz, Once Thought of as BuzzFeed ‘Clone,’ Raises $15M From Backers Including Disney

AdAge covers news of the $15M investment in Playbuzz, along with the company’s shift to B2B.

Business Insider

Viral publisher Playbuzz just raised $15 million from investors including Disney

Business Insider notes how Playbuzz intends to utilize its $15M investment – to enhance the company’s platform and expand its sponsored content business. The outlet also mentioned the news as one of the ten most important things you need to know in advertising.


Playbuzz Taps Walt Disney For $15 Million Strategic Investment

AdExchanger speaks with Playbuzz co-founder & CEO, Shaul Olmert, regarding the company’s focus on sponsored content including partnerships with American Express, Ford and Pizza Hut.


Playbuzz scores $15 million in funding for sponsored social content

VentureBeat goes in-depth into Playbuzz’s format offerings and the company’s focus on enabling publishers and brands to create content that matches today’s content-consumption habits.


Disney Invests in Viral-Content Startup Playbuzz as Part of $15 Million Round

Variety covers Disney’s investment in Playbuzz and how engaging content is the key to media consumption, making Playbuzz the ideal platform for editorial and commercial growth of publishers and brands.


Disney leads £10m investment in Playbuzz

Campaign noted Disney’s investment in Playbuzz, as well as the company’s work with top-tier brands and publishers in the UK such as The Sun and MTV UK.

the telegraph

Disney backs digital disruptor Playbuzz

The Telegraph covered the $15M investment in Playbuzz, highlighting the company’s global reach with worldwide clients including MTV, CNN and American Express UK.


Playbuzz Raises $15M To Grow Sponsored Content Business

MediaPost emphasizes Playbuzz’s transition into being a publisher-focused platform via their coverage of the $15M strategic investment in the company.

Playbuzz Makes It Easier To Skip The Boring Parts With Video Snaps

TechCrunch covers the launch of the latest Playbuzz format, Video Snaps.

El Pais Logo

The Secret of Playbuzz, The Most Shared Site On Facebook In Recent Years

Playbuzz co-founder and CEO, Shaul Olmert, speaks with El País on the company’s success and its popularity on social media.

3 Social Content Snafus To Avoid When Engaging With Hispanic Millennials

Playbuzz Director of Partnerships for Spain & LATAM, Ori Hofnung, on how to cater content to a young, Spanish-speaking audience.

Industry Experts: Amp Up Your Super Bowl Sunday Social With These Tips

Playbuzz VP of Content, Shachar Orren, discusses her work with major sports brands and teams while offering advice on how to amplify social content for Super Bowl 50.


How to Make your Super Bowl Social a Touchdown without Spending a Dime

Playbuzz VP of Content, Shachar Orren, identifies tips on how to get the most out of your game day content without breaking the bank.


Content is King

Swiss Sunday newspaper SonntagsZeitung speaks with Playbuzz co-founder and CEO, Shaul Olmert, on saving the world with online media formats that disseminate playful content.

New Year’s Resolution for Publishers: Rethink Your Social Content Strategy

Playbuzz co-founder and CEO, Shaul Olmert, shares five content resolutions for publishers in 2016.


The 100 Most Influential People in Israeli Hi-Tech in 2015

Playbuzz co-founder and CEO, Shaul Olmert, is named one of Israel’s most influential players in hi-tech.

FICOD15 – ¿Existe un lector llamado Millennial?

 El Director de desarrollo de los negocios para América Latina y España, Ori Hofnung, estuvo presente y hablo en la conferencia digital mas grande de España (Ficod) acerca del tema: ¿existe un lector llamado Millennial?

The Top 5 Facebook Holiday Content Ideas

Playbuzz co-founder and CEO, Shaul Olmert, shares tips on how publishers can optimize user engagement across mobile and desktop this holiday season.


Exclusive: Playbuzz Introduces New ‘Countdown’ Format, Fox Sports Becomes First to Use

The Drum covers the launch of Playbuzz’s latest format, Countdown, and how such formats are important to TV networks trying to bring bite-size content to their digital properties.

Definite Shift In Media Consumption

Playbuzz co-founder and CEO, Shaul Olmert, discusses the future of content sharing.


Online Advertising Needs to Die: The Many Upsides of Ad Blocking

Playbuzz co-founder and CEO, Shaul Olmert, touts the upsides of ad blocking, including better ads.

mobilemarketer logo

How to Boost Holiday Media without Overindulging in Redundant Ads

Playbuzz Vice President of Content, Shachar Orren, discusses the importance of producing engaging content, and optimizing it for mobile, during the holiday season.


Newswhip logo

Guest Post: Diverse Content Is Key To Retaining Readers On Social Media

Playbuzz co-founder and CEO, Shaul Olmert, discusses the impact of mobile and social media on the publishing industry and the importance of using different content formats to keep users engaged


How Playbuzz is helping TV networks build anticipation around major programming

Playbuzz is the latest social content platform enabling TV networks to build buzz around their shows in a big way


How to Create a Viral Buzz

Playbuzz co-founder and CEO Shaul Olmert, speaks to Bloomberg’s about why Playbuzz has proven to be irresistible


Country Outfitter Boosts Attention By 250% Using Playful Content

Brands and retailers also can craft their own compelling, social content in order to boost engagement and sales


Europe’s hottest startups 2015: Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is where the money is. The startup nation became the exit nation in 2014, with Israeli tech sales and IPOs hitting $15 billion


Playbuzz is Now Officially VIP Client, and along comes the New Plugin

Playbuzz, the online content sharing platform, is now one amongst’s VIP Clients, the one that is home to top media companies, sports leagues and Fortune 500 companies.


How Playbuzz’s quizzes made it Facebook’s most viral app

Playbuzz is conquering Facebook with shareable quizzes such as “What is Your Spirit Emoji?


How Israel’s Hot Startup Scene Is Fostering Several Unicorns

These are some of the hottest startups in Israel that are creating some of the fastest-growing companies on the planet.

clickz logo

Are Playbuzz Flip Cards a Listicle Killer?

“Flipping” could be the new scrolling as quiz giant Playbuzz seeks to move beyond traditional content marketing to a new format optimized for mobile and social media.


What Playbuzz Can Teach You About Creating Viral Quizzes

Learn how your company can leverage the inherent virality of quizzes to gain brand awareness.


How Attracted 58 Million Unique Monthly Visitors Within 10 Months Of Launching

What is Playbuzz, and how did it become successful enough to surpass BuzzFeed and Huffington Post in Facebook shares?


Meet Playbuzz, the Platform Leveling the Content-Creation Playing Field

The increasingly popular platform is giving away powerful tools for producing infectious content whether for fun or to jump start native ad campaigns.


Facebook Instant Articles and the Future of Content, With Playbuzz CEO Shaul Olmert

Facebook recently launched a new service called Instant Articles, which allows publishers to create content that stays native to the social media platform, rather than requiring users to click through to the content publisher’s website.


Facebook’s Relationship Status with Publishers

Playbuzz CEO Shaul Olmert describes how consumers’ desire for engaging content will continue to define the relationship between publishers and Facebook.


Viral King Playbuzz Is Rolling Out Native Advertising. Will Brands Bite?

Playbuzz is one of the most well-trafficked sites on the web, and now they’re letting brands in on the action.


Playbuzz Rides Quizzes and Lists to $16 Million in Financing

A partner at the venture capital fund 83North, which led the round of investment, said that his firm had been drawn to Playbuzz because it provided a means for any website to attract readers.

business insider

Playbuzz, the Israeli startup crushing all other publishers on Facebook, just raised $16 million

Playbuzz, the most shared website on Facebook according to NewsWhip, announced Wednesday it has raised a $16 million funding round.


Most Shared Pub On Facebook, Playbuzz, Raises $16 Million

Playbuzz, the user-generated quiz and article site, revealed Wednesday it had raised $16 million in Series B financing, bringing its total funding to almost $20 million.


How Playbuzz out-BuzzFeeds BuzzFeed

At a time when publishers and platforms can’t seem to swim in their own lanes, Playbuzz is a notable exception.


Facebook’s Most-Shared Publisher to Start Paying Its Quiz Makers

Playbuzz’s User-Generated Posts Account for 98% of Its Content


6 Ways to Make Your Content Go Viral

Imagine if you could build a website that would beat the top publishers at their own game within 10 months of launching. That’s what Playbuzz cofounder and CEO Shaul Olmert did.


4 Slick Ways to Expand Your Digital Branding Strategy

Augment your online marketing strategy by tapping these tools: YouTube, BuzzFeed, Playbuzz and Udemy.


Meet Playbuzz, the Israeli clickbait farm that just beat Buzzfeed — and is coming for you next

The site has been online since early this year, and the company behind it has been around since 2012. But it didn’t land on most people’s radars until this week, when NewsWhip — a social media analytics firm — published its monthly report on the Web sites people share most on Facebook.


A 10-Month-Old Website Is Beating BuzzFeed at Its Own Game

It’s hard not to immediately notice the similarities between BuzzFeed and Playbuzz, the Israel-based viral media platform that has shot to near the top of Facebook’s most-shared publishers.


The Israeli Quiz Factory That’s Outbuzzing BuzzFeed on Facebook

On Oct. 7, NewsWhip, a business that tracks how content moves through social networks, published its monthly analysis of the top publishers on Facebook (FB).

business insider

A BuzzFeed Clone Founded 10 Months Ago Is Crushing Other Websites On Facebook — Including BuzzFeed

A BuzzFeed Clone Founded 10 Months Ago Is Crushing Other Websites On Facebook — Including BuzzFeed. You may not have heard about Playbuzz, but don’t be surprised if you see it pop up in your Facebook Newsfeed sometime soon.

business insider

A Son Of Israel’s Ex-Prime Minister Created A BuzzFeed Clone, And It’s Already Become Gigantic On Facebook

If Playbuzz’s name doesn’t already conjure up the quizzes and shareable content associated with BuzzFeed, just take a look at the two websites’ front pages.


What Kind Of Quiz Are You? 5 Ways That Playbuzz Out-Muscled BuzzFeed In The Social Content Sensation Of The Year

You’ve probably had a Playbuzz experience already, without realizing.
Or at least seen your friends posting breathless results with multiple exclamation marks.


Israeli Company Ranks Second for Most Shared Links on Facebook

The Israeli start-up Playbuzz racked up the second most shared links on Facebook in the month of September, according to a new report by NewsWhip, a business that tracks content published on social media.


How Playbuzz Went Viral

Viral site Playbuzz were the talking point of our September Facebook rankings. We talked to their Chief Content Officer about their rise to the second most shared site in just a few short months.


Is Playbuzz the next Buzzfeed?

You may not have heard of tech entrepreneur Shaul Olmert, but his two-year-old website is now the 29th most popular website in America. His small Tel Aviv-based company runs, a platform that allows anyone to create viral-style content such as top-10 lists, quizzes, polls and more.


How to build a viral publishing clone in just six months

Publishing used to be a grind, slowly and incrementally building audience month after month, year after year. Not so in the age of Facebook shares. Beyond the buzzy titans of social sharing like BuzzFeed and Upworthy are a squadron of, ahem, tribute sites that are putting up eye-popping audience numbers in an astonishingly short period of time.


Why Playbuzz’s small team is more likely to succeed than mainstream media?

Media has been in a constant change in the past few years and giant organisations have lost the battle due to their unwillingness to accept the obvious, i.e. that “less is much.” Nowadays, targeting a niche audience is a media organisation’s best chance to survive longer and better.

BuzzFeed knock-off “Playbuzz” has added 53M visitors since February. But can it last?

Business Insider reported last week that BuzzFeed –the online viral juggernaut—appeared to be “tanking” in terms of its Facebook traffic. In March, BuzzFeed articles were shared 13 million times on Facebook.


Playbuzz Takes a Page (View) Out of BuzzFeed’s Playbook

TEL AVIV—A tiny start-up founded by the son a former Israeli prime minister is climbing the online news pop charts by shamelessly riding the coat-tails of, the online news phenomenon.


Here’s a poll: What could Israeli quiz making platform Playbuzz do with $3M?

Tel Aviv quiz-making platform Playbuzz on June 16 announced that it raised $3 million in Series A funding led by Carmel Ventures’ general partner Daniel Cohen.